We are quite aware of the fact that some people are looking for other volunteer opportunities in areas other than organic farming and cultural exchange in Sierra Leone. There are many other accessible organizations over the internet that offer placements, but often charge up to US $300 per week for the privilege. Paying such an amount is sometimes not possible for many people who genuinely want to volunteer and have relevant skills. WWOOF Sierra Leone has many other contacts within its network of other NGO's and charitable institutions here in Sierra Leone, particularly in the areas of:

  • Education (schools, etc)
  • Women and Children's Development (NGO management training for women leaders, orphanages, child labour focused groups,etc)
  • Environmental management (clean water programs)
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Health (placement with healthcare professionals)
  • Business Development and Community Investment (Skill-based training around management and leadership for a women owned micro enterprise association;
  • Creating a center for street children that can be sustained by selling vegetables and craft products.
  • Ethical Funding

    Given enough time would be possible to find placements in other areas as well. As part of trying to fund the activities of WWOOF Sierra Leone in ethical ways, we are offering to find a place for interested people with the appropriate experience for the one-off fee of US50. All of this amount will go towards the running of WWOOF Sierra Leone. We will aim to find you a situation that is similar to the way WWOOFING works where you are given board and food in exchange for your work. Of course individual placements may vary. You can allow us four weeks to find a suitable situation. You must supply us with a full and detailed resume for us to proceed.